Wednesday, June 12, 2019

WWII Veteran Soaring Valor trip - July 17, Asking For Your Help and Support

From: Jim Hodgson <>
Date: June 12, 2019 at 8:26:15 AM
Subject: WWII Veteran Soaring Valor trip - July 17
Reply-To: Jim Hodgson <>

Good Morning Everyone,
I am asking for your help and support.
The Gary Sinise Foundation is going to honor WWII Vetertans from Detroit and lower Michigan on July 17; with a Soaring Valor program trip to visit the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. There are 30 WWII Veterans and their Guardians who have signed up for this 3 day trip, there will be no high school children. This will be the only Soaring Valor trip for the Detroit area and most likley the last major event these aging men and women will attend honoring their efforts in WWII. 
American Airlines is furnishing a charter flight out of the North Terminal and they are hoping that we can get enough people to give these men and women a patriotic send off. AA will issue a special pass to all that attend, so they can get through TSA security. 
Currently the Sinise Foundation is firming plans for the morning on July 17. The concept is to have all the Veterans and their Guardians meet at a Metro Airport hotel and depart in a bus to the North Terminal, hence they all arrive as a group. AA expects that Bon Voage volunteers to arrive mid morning at the AA ticket counter and be in the terminal for 2-3 hours. AA would like to see folks wear their faternal colors or their old military uniforms (no way can I fit in mine).
I have agreed to help AA make a list of those that would like to join the Bon Voage Crew.
I will need full name, e-mail address and Date of Birth as it appears on the Drivers Licence or Government Picture ID in order for AA to generate a TSA Pass. 
Please ask your members friends and neighbors to join the Bon Voage Crew and send me an e-mail with their information; I will generate a roster for American Airlines to cut TSA Passes.
As plans firm up I will let all know timing details.
Please pass this email on to all that may like to join.
Please send e-mails to Jim Hodgson,;  or call 734-416-5159 h or 734-239-1777 c.
Thank You and God Bless
Jim Hodgson