Tuesday, June 4, 2019

American Airlines Is Asking Veterans to Participate In The Soaring Valor Program On July 17th. At Metro Airport That Is Leaving For WWII Museum in New Orleans

Comrades, Family and Friends,

Dear Freedom Center Supporter,
On July 17th, American Airlines is coordinating a sendoff celebration for WWII veterans participating in the Soaring Valor program organized by actor Gary Senise. Participants in the program will visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans.
In support of this event, American Airlines has asked us to assist in the following ways:
1. Invite veterans from all eras to participate in an enthusiastic receiving line as the WWII veterans participating in the program make their way to the gate for their flight.
2. Ask our community if we know of a nostalgic "Andrews sisters" group that could entertain during the event.
3. Identify WWII veterans who would be interested in participating in the Soaring Valor program next year.
If you are able to assist in any of the above ways, please contact Crystal Barnes at American Airlines. She can be reached at (734)942-5109 or Crystal.Barnes@AA.com.
Honored to serve,
Patrick Colbeck
MI Freedom Center, CEO