Friday, November 3, 2017

Action Alert: Legion Opposes Steep TRICARE Fee Hikes

The American Legion Needs Your Help Protecting TRICARE Benefits!
Contact Your Members of Congress Now
(October 23, 2017) Last year, Congress increased TRICARE costs for military retirees and their families who enter the military after January 1, 2018.
Current military retirees and their family members are exempt from these cost increases. However, Congress is now considering legislation that would remove this exemption.
As of now, the Senate is primarily pushing for these changes.
This proposal would result in higher TRICARE fees for military retirees, including pharmacy copayments, which are already three times higher than they were in 2011, and enrollment costs for certain plans, such as the new Select plan, would nearly triple.
There is an inherent cost of fielding a professional, all-volunteer military, and the promise of a modest stipend immediately upon retirement and inexpensive health care are keys to retaining our best and brightest service members.
The American Legion will not stand idly by while Congress continues to rob Peter to pay Paul and we need your assistance in telling Congress "No!"
Take Action: Contact your Senators and Representative to demand that they reject any proposal that would result in TRICARE fee increases for current beneficiaries, and let them know that veterans have paid for their benefits through blood, sweat, and tears many times over.
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